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The WA Economic Development Commission's funding was eliminated effective July 1, 2013.  The Commissioners and staff wish to thank all of you for your continued support through the years. 

Many of the functions of the Commission will be continued by the WA Department of Commerce and the Governor's office.  At the direction of the legislature a working group was formed to expedite the transition. View  the TVW presentation to the Senate of that proviso workgroup's findings below.   Or. download the final report submitted to the Governor's office and the Washington State Legislature in January, 2014. 

The Economic Development Proviso


Presentation of the Economic Development Proviso recommendations to the WA Senate Trade & Economic Development Committee


Economic Development Proviso passed by the 2013 WA state legislature
Transition Team

Work Group Assignments
Download of final report

Launch Meeting - Results

Ideas Meeting - Results

Recommendations Meeting- Results


   Driving Washington's Prosperity

A Strategy for Job Creation and Competitiveness

Washington Economic Development Commission's new state-wide strategic plan

Fueling the Future
Making Talent a Top Priority



Adding Horsepower

Investing in Entrepreneurship


Create jobs for Washingtonians and address industry needs by expanding the capacity of community and technical colleges and four-year universities to achieve a post-secondary education attainment rate to at least 60 percent by the year 2025.


Target improvements to regulatory and tax policy to foster growth of start-ups and job creating business clusters.










Paving the Way

Connecting through Reliable Infrastructure



Running Lean

Smart Regulations


Implement alternative financing mechanisms for transportation infrastructure to preserve basic assets, freight mobility and investment in critical economic corridors to ensure jobs, supply chain productivity and expansion.


Review all state regulations for their cost-effectiveness and determine overlaps, excessive costs, obsolescence, redundancy and solutions.






Firing on All Cylinders

Expanding International Business




Intensify innovation collaboration in the Pacific Northwest economic region and support cross-border projects that can lead to economic diversification, expansion of trade opportunities and jobs.


"Washington will be the most attractive,
and creative environment for
innovation in the world by 2020."






 - WEDC Mission Statement





   Read the Director's Blog
    Accelerating Innovation







WEDC Executive Director Milbergs' letter to stakeholders


Metric of the month

In what fields are Washington graduates?


Take a look at what disciplines WA graduates are completing for their degrees.  Then, examine by sector the employment and percent of employment with a BA or higher as of  2012 1st Quarter.


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The WEDC completed an Evaluation of Washington's Economic Development System.

Read the 3 reports




Next50 Winning Video

Grand Prize winner named - Won $5,000! In September, 2012 Seattle Center Foundation and the WEDC co-sponsored a video contest as part of the Next 50 celebration. The Next50 commemorated 50 years since the 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair. 

1st Prize:  The Next 50 by Nick Staab
2nd Prize: Generation Y by Derek Scully

3rd Prize:  Next50_1 by Denise Mellene

4th Prize:  I believe in the next 50 by Joshua Hawker

5th Prize:  Technology & Health in 50 by Rafael Rayo


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